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The perfect line up to get you on the road to healthy, glowing skin. Start your journey with the famous Dermalogica double cleanse. PreCleanse Oil to melt away stubborn makeup and impurities. Follow with Special Cleansing Gel for that ultimate clean feeling. Spritz over Multi-Active Toner for a burst of hydration and then apply a generous layer of Active Moist for oil-free hydration without the greasy feeling.



  • double cleanse and achieve instantly clean, glowing skin.
  • optimise moisturiser absorption
  • smoothes and helps improve skin texture


How to use

double cleanse with water-loving PreCleanse Oil and Special Cleansing Gel. Rinse thoroughly before pritzing Multi-Active Toner over face and neck. Apply your Active Moist over face and neck.


Quick tip

complete your routine with Daily Microfoliant for the ultimate in skin brightening.

Skin Health Starter Kit