Why Do I Need to Exfoliate?

Why Do I Need to Exfoliate?

There are many benefits to exfoliating the skin. The skin consists of different layers and goes through a process of renewing itself. This process of renewal slows as we get older. From 7-14 days as a child, 30 days as an adult and up to 90 days into elderly years. If we exfoliate the skin it will lose its dead layer of skin cells and encourage the renewal rate to speed up, allowing our skin to always have its required number of layers.

Benefits of exfoliation:

  • Smooths skin surface

  • Encourages skin cell renewal

  • Speeds healing of the skin

  • Reduces dullness

  • Refines pores

  • Allows following products to penetrate deeper

  • Reduces appearance of pigmentation

  • Reduces breakouts

How often should I exfoliate?

You can exfoliate 1-3 times a week with an exfoliating product. Depending upon your skins requirements this can be tailor advised. Some delicate and sensitive skins may only require once a week exfoliation, whereas more tolerable and oilier/break out prone skins can benefit from more. You can find daily polishing products such as (Daily microfoliant), (Daily superfoliant) and (Daily re surfacer). All designed to only remove the skin cells you would naturally shed within that day. A stronger exfoliant is recommended alongside these products within your weekly regime.

A professional skin service is recommended at 4-6 weekly intervals to provide a stronger level of exfoliation boost.

Are all exfoliants the same?

Exfoliants can come as a chemical or physical formulation. Physical exfoliants will feel rough in texture using grains, beads or salt to polish off the dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliants are enzyme-based ingredients that work to dissolve the dead skin, including Salicylic acid and Lactic acid. The chemical exfoliators come in different strengths. The exfoliants used within the professional treatment room will be significantly higher in strength than the ones purchased for home use.

Can I over exfoliate?

Yes! You can make the mistake of over doing your exfoliation, causing tightness, dehydration and discomfort in the skin. This can occur when combining too many products that have an exfoliating property. All skins are different with how much exfoliation they can tolerate. This is where a professional guidance is recommended for your home care regime. Alongside recommending you visit the same salon or therapist for your regular monthly facials or peel treatments. They will have a record of the products they use within your treatment and will build a plan with you to help your skin advance to stronger level of Skin treatment services.

Beauty Skincare Experts Top Tips-

  • When using exfoliants at home use any left over on the backs of your hands too.

  • Always use an SPF product when you use exfoliants, preventing pigmentation production.

  • Take the stronger formulations slow. Many come with a usage guide that you must follow.

If you would like to discuss your skins exfoliation plan for home care or if you need any extra product usage guidance please get in touch and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

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