Which skin care range is for you?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Within Dermalogica sits 6 skin care categories;

Skin health...Active clearing...Age smart...

Ultra calming... Power bright... Clear start

To help you decide which range would be suitable for you use our description guide. To ensure you choose the correct products for your skin,

Beauty Skincare experts are at hand to help. We have a FREE consultation service to establish the products suitable for you. We can help tailor make plans for you to achieve your skin care goals. Please get in touch with our experts.


Skin health

  • Packaging Coloured grey or white

  • For essential skin health

  • Daily use morning and night

  • Suitable for all skin types


Active clearing

  • Look for the green stripe on the packaging

  • For breakout prone skin

  • Suitable for adult skins

  • Highly active ingredients to target concerns

  • Powerful scientific formulations

  • May not need full range

  • May need continual use or occasional use can be advised

  • Targets associated concerns with breakouts i.e. coloured marks after breakout activity

  • Can use with other Dermalogica products with guidance


Age smart

  • Silvery packaging with a maroon stripe

  • For ageing concerns

  • Some products are suitable for all skin types and ages

  • Some products are targeted only to mature skins

  • Highly active ingredients

  • Powerful scientific formulations

  • Can use with other Dermalogica products with guidance


Ultra calming

  • Look for the light purple stripe

  • Controls redness

  • Calms inflammation

  • Protects and repairs skin

  • Improves resilience

  • Can be used as a single range

  • Can utilise specific products to meet concerns


Power bright

  • White packaging

  • Target treats pigmentation

  • Treats sun damage and post breakout colouring

  • Range should be used together

  • Can combine with other products with advice


Clear start

  • Fun coloured packaging

  • Formulated for younger skins

  • Powerfully effective without harsh ingredients

  • Supports healthy skin and repair

  • Competitively priced

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You will most likely not fall into just one skin category. Dermalogica allows you to tailor make a home regime to suit all of your skin care needs. Most often sensitivity can go alongside breakouts, or oily with ageing concerns.

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