What skin type are you?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

You must be dry if your skin is flaky or oily if you have spots, no?

This is most definitely NOT the case!

Knowing what your skin type is will help you find the correct products for you. Without help you may go round in circles trying a variety of products, taking friends recommendations or trying the new ‘must have’s’ you see advertised.

The Beauty Skincare Experts are here to help you establish what your skin type is with our skin category quiz. Ensure you take a good look at your skin as well as knowing how it may behave differently within a month or season.

Select all that applies to you. You may not fall into just one category!



  • Feels Tight or itchy especially after washing

  • May Flake or shed loose skin

  • Moisturiser sinks in immediately

  • Make up doesn’t hold may crack or look patchy

  • May see cracked areas of skin especially around the nose or chin crease

  • Worse in winter

  • May age quicker or lines are visible

  • Dull complexion



  • Has a constant shine to the skin

  • Feels greasy or damp

  • Make up doesn’t last, slides off, need to reapply or use powders to set/re-apply

  • Can see blackheads or spots, these can re occur in the same place or randomly anywhere

  • May blot skin throughout the day

  • May be worse during monthly cycle

  • Better in summer



  • Areas of the face act differently

  • Have an oilier forehead, nose and chin with drier cheeks

  • Breaks out in spots in a particular area may re occurring in a particular area or randomly anywhere

  • Skin seems to be great some weeks and not on others

  • May see redness or inflammation with breakouts



  • May sting or irritate with some products

  • Likes less products

  • May feel sore or inflamed

  • Can see redness in a particular area or overall

  • Flushes easily

  • Tendency to redness



  • Skin appears the same rarely sees changes

  • Rarely gets spots

  • May see breakouts

  • Can use a variety of products

  • Feels the same after washing



  • Feels tight especially after washing

  • May see fine lines on the surface of the skin

  • Products sink in quickly

  • Make up may crack easily


Ageing & Pigmentation*

  • *These are not skin types rather skin concerns!

  • Concerns can appear with any of the above skin types

  • Some skins types will age slower or quicker than others

  • Pigmentation may be visible or come and go

You can see from our quiz that there is not always just one skin type category you fit into. Your skin can change with time and from season to season. What products you have always used may not suit your skin any more. Using a simple quiz analysis like this can start to guide you when purchasing products, however sometimes what you think are suitable for you may still not be your solution. Skin care brands create categories of skin type products, with the majority of these you will be advised to stick within your skin type brand. With Dermalogica we do have skin type categories however they are designed to be flexible to use together, allowing us to mix between the different categories to meet all of your skin care needs.

Active clearingAge SmartUltra CalmingSkin health….Clear startPower bright

That may seem more confusing for you…

This is where Beauty Skin Experts can excel your skin routine, advise the products across the range and tailor make a plan suitable for you. Please use our Consultation service or get in touch.

Beauty Skin experts are here to help you with any personalised questions about your skin. We can tailor make and guide you with a home care routine suitable just for you. We provide you with support and advice when you see changes or have skin concerns. Having your own Skin Expert regularly will allow us to journey with your skin and we will be able to provide additional advice that can help support skin health.

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