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Updated: Sep 11, 2020


Retinol is the only proven ingredient to reverse the signs of ageing!

When this became scientific knowledge, it created a storm among the beauty industry. Every brand started to formulate products containing retinol. But before you run off to find it be sure to know the facts.

  • Not all retinol products are created equal

  • There can be side effects

  • Precautions should be taken

  • The percentage of retinol within the product is very important but not always stated

Beauty Skin Experts can answer your questions about introducing a retinol product to your routine and match you to the appropriate Retinol product for your skin. It can be used as a home treatment series, at times throughout the year, or continually if your skin requires it.

We are proud to have four retinol containing products we can advise in the dermalogica range-

(Overnight retinol repair 0.5%)

(Overnight retinol repair 1%)

(Clearing retinol oil)

(Age reversal eye cream)

So, percentage matters?

That’s right it does! The scientific research on retinol suggests a minimum of 0.3% should be used to reverse the signs of ageing. A brand must contain proven amounts to state this on their packaging when formulated in some countries, but not others, (just to confuse the consumer)!

Can all skins use retinol?

No. This is not a product for sensitive, reactive or broken skins. It is for skins with visible signs of ageing, as a general rule from the age of 30+

What precautions do I need?

Retinol needs to be introduced slowly. The skins tolerance must be built up. Rushing can cause skin sensitivity. It must only be used at night. No other exfoliants can be used whilst you are using retinol. An SPF (sun protection factor) must be used daily, without fail, to prevent pigmentation production, even throughout winter.

What side effects may I see?

The effects of retinol are instant and within the first few uses over your first week you will notice an improvement in the appearance of fine lines. Your skin can feel taught after the first few uses, and an extra hydrating moisturiser may be required. After three months of use the skins deeper structure is strengthen and a longer lasting result is seen. Your skin can feel sensitive to products containing active ingredients, heat and sun. This can occur if you introduce retinol too quickly, the formulation is too strong for your skin, or at heightened times of stress that you may encounter. If this does happen reducing the amount or alternating night-time use will help to control it. Completely stopping and starting use may not deliver the results you desire.

Is there a next best thing?

Our most popular products used alongside or instead of our retinol containing products are:

(Phyto nature firming serum) Re awakens lifeless skin cells to bring a radiant youthful glow from deeper in the skin. Restoring hydration and plumping lines immediately.

(Rapid reveal peel) - C an be used as your weekly home exfoliant or with guidance alongside retinol. This exfoliating home peel product is amazing at renewing the skin and speeding healing and repair. It provides an instant glow and hydration whilst super smoothing the skin.

We would love you to reap the amazing benefits of retinol safely. Please get in touch if you have any further questions or you would like a tailored plan to suit your skin.

Professional skin services can support your retinol use at home and enhance the performance of your products. Please ensure you do not use any exfoliating or retinol 48 hours before a professional service.

Click here or the image below to view our full Retinol range

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