Updated: Sep 11, 2020

What are Peels?

Peels are a chemical based exfoliant. The term peel can be referred to differently. The main term peel refers to a professional treatment, where a trained professional carefully applies a chemical onto the skin. These chemicals are stronger than a regular exfoliation, they work much deeper into the skin for a stronger result.

Peels are sought out for

  • Anti-ageing effects

  • Reduction in breakouts

  • Minimises scaring

  • Lightens pigmentation.

Chemicals commonly used in peels are Lactic acid, Glycolic acid and Salicylic acid. Trained skin therapists use a lighter solution compared to aesthetic practitioners, making them highly sought after due to less skin irritation and recovery time between sessions. Always consult with your skin therapist before you schedule a peel appointment. Pre peel advice is necessary before commencing a professional peel.

A Home peel formulation was introduced by Dermalogica. (Rapid reveal peel). It is the highest strength home exfoliant product in the retail line. Lactic acid based; this product sits in the Age smart line for an intense weekly home treatment. As the skin renewal rate is slower when we age this stronger exfoliant is brilliant to use on the weeks between professional skin treatments. It is based within a hydrating lipid and provides extra nourishment and plumpness to the skin. Being Lactic acid based this has been found a particular power product for breakout prone skin too. It accelerates the healing process and reducing the colouration marks breakouts can leave behind.

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