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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Which eye product is best for me?

This has to be one of our most common questions, along with, do I really need an eye cream?

Eye creams are formulated with a lighter consistency for the delicate eye area. This skin around the eyes is as thin as an eggshell. If you apply your regular moisturiser here, as these are formulated thicker, you will create too much puffiness within the skin. To select the right eye cream for you should consider your concerns. Use our quick guide to help you select.


(Total eye care SPF15)

A morning eye cream with SPF15. Contains optical illuminators that help reflect and brighten the skin around the eye. Great for dark circles.

(Intensive eye repair)

Suitable for a drier skin around the eye. Nourishing and plumps fine dehydration lines.

(Multivitamin power firm)

For concerns of ageing around the eye. Silicone based it glides on with ease. Promotes skins firmness. Perfect if you prefer a lightweight formula.

(Age reversal eye cream)

Contains retinol to reverse the signs of premature ageing around the eye. Highly active and can only be used at night. Introduce slowly as with all retinol. (See our blog on retinol for further information).

(Stress positive eye)

Perfect for tired eyes. Eyes that use screens or suffer eye strain. It has a metal tipped applicator to cool the skin. Can be used morning and night. Lightweight and supports hydration and firmness around the eye.

Beauty Skincare Experts top tips for eye care

  • Always apply eye cream with your ring fingers to avoid dragging the delicate skin

  • The size of a grain of rice is enough for both eyes

  • Do not use over the eye lid. Apply under the eye and just under the brow

  • Get enough sleep

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Wear sunglasses outside especially if squinting.

  • Reduce your screens glare

  • Limit time on gadgets

  • Find time to learn pressure points around the eyes to help with circulation

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