Massage Treatments

For the mind, body and soul. These treatments have been designed to achieve total relaxation and to help balance your mind and body.

The Stress Buster

This extremely popular massage treatment provides a journey to complete relaxation, working on reflex zones and pressure points. Concentrating on the back, scalp and the feet, it will help you to relax and free your mind and spirit.

55 Minutes


The Soother

This is a unique massage, designed by The Rose Spa, to help you de-stress. A one hour massage treatment will help you to relax and unwind, smoothing away tension with calming essential oils. This consists of a hand, neck, shoulder, face, scalp and pressure point foot massage.

55 Minutes


Stress Therapy

This is a deep tissue massage, targeting the areas where your body holds stress in certain muscle groups. It concentrates on the back, spine and shoulders, but also provides a neck, face and pressure point scalp massage. This treatment leaves you feeling re-energized and harmonized.

40 Minutes


Cranial Scalp Massage

This treatment is for those who have lots of tension and stress in there busy lifestyles.


Cranial Massage, Decreases stress relief from migraines and headaches, helps to soothe tight muscles in the neck and facial areas, also helps you aid better sleep.

25 Minutes


Back massage

This Swedish massage treatment uses customised oils, selected for your individual needs. It promotes a sense of wellbeing and leaves you feeling calm and relaxed.

30 Minutes


The Rose Spa Treatment

Makes you feel like you’re lying on a bed of heavenly scented rose petals!


A 75 minute full body massage with a ultra rich body cream, and essential oils, with a 30 minute pro Dermalogica skin treatment.

120 Minutes


Full Body Massage

Whether your muscles are tired and sore, or you’re tense from life’s stresses and strains, this full body massage is the perfect remedy. Tension, stress and toxins will be removed from the body, leaving you relaxed and revitalised. Again, this Swedish massage treatment uses customised oils, selected for your individual needs.

55 Minutes


Drift Away

This treatment has been designed by The Rose Spa to help with total relaxation, it’s a full body massage targeting areas where your body holds the stress, working on balancing the body, and helping with tiredness. A must if you love full body massage, body brushing included.

75 Minutes


The Rose Foot Zone

A specialist therapeutic foot treatment to rebalance and relax. Designed to enhance total body health and wellness, this is an ideal treatment to help cope with everyday stresses and strains.

30 Minutes


Mineral Salts Body Polish

This treatment uses a combination of fruity enzymes, dried sea weed and sea salt to help exfoliate the body.


With a body hydrating cream applied to complete the treatment, skin is left feeling softer than soft!

60 Minutes


Back  Cleansing Treatment

This relaxing back treatment begins with a deep cleanse and exfoliation. It is followed by a relaxing deep massage, to ease away tight and stressed muscles, and finishes with enzymatic mud mask and hydrating body cream.

55 Minutes


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Lava Shell Massage Treatments

These treatments have been put together to help with stress management, reducing muscular tension and headaches, and improving concentration. The lava shell massage treatment uses shells which have a smooth side to give both deep pressure and a warm and soothing effect. The heat can also be used on problem areas to release muscle tension and promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Lava Shells Back Massage

30 Minutes


Lava Shells Full Body Massage

55 Minutes